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Meet Isna Tianti

3x Author, Motivational Activist, Spoken Word/Visual Artist, Quotologist. Above all a Vessel of TMH & Proud Mother!

One could say that there is no such thing as an accident. Isna knows there are no coincidences in life, only divine incidences. On purpose, Isna Tianti is now walking in and fulfilling her purpose.

Literally and figuratively, she knows her life was spared to share. Born with the gift of insight, an old yet youthful soul, her purpose is to inspire, causing the heart, mind, and spirit to catch fire.

As a lauded poet, author, and creative soul she shares with the world through many creative forms.

To be a human being, means to

be humane in your being.

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Isna Tianti

My name is Isna Tianti and I would like to invite you to the domain of “IT’S REALL” where my mission is to Inspire Through Sharing Relevant Expressions About Living Life.

Isna's Bio

   Isna Tianti is first and foremost a child of The Most High. Secondly, a proud mother of three Behuetiful seeds, an author, multi-talented artist, veteran of the USAF and serial entrepreneur. 

Isna Tianti is a 3-time Published Author, Poet, Spoken Word-Visual Artist, Content Creator, and Motivational Activist. 

   Isna has modeled for Proline, Revlon, Cross Colours Clothing Line and was selected as BET’s Poster Girl in 1991. She was crowned Miss African Times Los Angeles in 1992. 

She knows she was spared to share as she was the sole survivor in a car incident in 1992 that caused her mother to transition from her injuries. 


   Isna Tianti makes it her sole mission to remind people of self-love, healing, standing for righteousness and forgiving. Turning pain to gain she makes it look easy withstand the wind and rain.


   Her career in Spoken Word began when asked to share her Spoken Words at the home of Football Hall of Famer Jim Brown's. He is the CEO of  “Amer-I-Can” organization. She was the only young lady present and delivered a timely message to the Crips and Bloods during their 1992 gang truce.. 


   She has traveled internationally to Africa, South America and the Caribbeans to share her spoken words. She has opened for Actor/Rapper David Banner, Dr. Umar Johnson, shared stage and venue with Janet Jackson, (late great) John Singleton, Anthony Hamilton. EnVogue, Gary Owen, Avery Sunshine, Kurt Carr Singers, several of HBO’s Def Poet Artists; and is a one of 9 leaders of Village Inspired Poets Collective. She has also been featured in several newspapers, magazines such as Voyage Atlanta, V-103 Radio Station and locally featured on one of Atlanta’s Own Running shows with Hank Stewart's "IT” Factor and White Linen Affair.

   Isna Tianti is the Creative Executive Officer of ITS Unlimited LLC where she uses her platform to Express all  Creative Forms of Art from her heart and as a philanthropist aid humanity. 

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