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How To Overcome Trauma

Updated: Aug 8

he 2-9-2023 1:00 pm

What is trauma? It is described personally by me to be events that

happened in my life that I did not see coming that affected me in

ways that produced extreme mental and ultimately physical anguish

and pain..

How do we begin the steps to overcome trauma?

1.Acknowledge 2. Process then 3. Address 4. Appy and Progress

Taking these four steps will definitely lessen how we then

turn that trauma into "drama" in the lives of others we know and love.

We have for so long been made to feel we are responsible for what

others do and then begin to blame ourselves for the actions of others.

This is indeed and in deed unfair. True, we must be willing to take account-

ability for our own actions. However, we may not take responsibility of other

ill-willed individuals who seek to do harm by their words or deeds.

Once you begin to pin point the choices you made and or continue to make

that have aided in some of the cycles and experiences in yOUR life; it will

then put you in position to take the proper steps to heal by forgiving

yourself then others. I hope this in some way, helped you today, if so please

feel free to send someone else to my page.

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